6 Popular (And Untrue) Myths About Mistresses

Thought Catalog


I made the mistake of telling a friend (who is dating an awesome girl he loves) that I just ended an affair with a married man. I was upset, vulnerable, and he was online.

He has been a good shoulder to lean on during heartache in the past. This friend then immediately started talking dirty to me and offered to fly me out to see him. Wow! Anger would be an understatement. If anything, mistresses have higher standards than run-of-the-mill “moral” women. Here are some tips to get people like my friend through this out-of-the-ordinary scenario.

I am not a slut.

You might assume that since I do not subscribe to the social doctrine of monogamy that I am a “slut.” I’m not. I have likely had less sexual partners than you, and I don’t sleep with everything that moves. I enjoy the chase, and you hitting on me…

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