A Letter From The Other Woman

Thought Catalog

He will never leave you for me. And we both know it. All the cards have been laid and turned. We both put up the best fight of our lives: quiet but fierce and unrelenting. To him you are a habit, comforting, steadfast, and safe. I am a risk, a novelty, a curious little thing, an escape. You are familiar ground, and I am unchartered territory. Truth be told, you’ve always had the upper hand, and I never stood a chance.

What started as a joke that turned into a game eventually became a bargain. I never meant for me to like him, especially knowing you’ve been there all along. But he soon became the drug I can’t quit. I know you understand this part because the things I love about him are probably the same things you love about him too. How he drives too fast that the view…

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