Don’t Give A Crap About Being Cool!

Thought Catalog

Being ironic, being detached, in a word, being cool feels very important in our uber-fast tech-driven world of slick appearances and curated social media identities. But I’m here to tell you, my friends, paraphrasing what Fiona Apple once said, “That’s all bullshit.” You only have so many minutes, so many hours, so many days in this life. And your attempts to remain cool, to remain detached and aloof, are a fucking lie you tell yourself to be liked. When the reality is being cool traps you in a prison of other peoples’ opinions. Let it out! Be you! Be strange! Be weird! And most importantly, be passionate! Truly give a shit about what matters to you. Care for yourself and for others and do it as honestly as you can and with your full heart.

I’ve had a surprising number of friends commit suicide. I’ve also had a…

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